Thursday, August 17, 2006

Firefox 2.0 Now To Ship In Late October

Mozilla Corp. on Monday pushed back the release date of Firefox 2.0 yet again, with a scheduled ship for mid-to-late October.

According to the minutes of Mozilla's weekly progress meetings, there are approximately 40 bugs in the under-construction Firefox 2.0 Beta 2, and about 100 that need to be addressed before the final goes out the door.

Firefox 2.0 debuted as a developers-eyes'-only Beta 1 a month ago. Version 2.0, which will compete against Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 when that browser rolls out later this year, boasts an in-line spell checker, anti-phishing alerts, and a restore-after-crash feature, other improvements include enhancements to its tabs, news feeds, and extension add-ons.

Mozilla's Firefox release calendar now pegs Aug. 23 as the ship date for Beta 2, with Release Candidate 1 (RC1) due Sept. 19. At the moment, the final is slated to post for downloading on Oct. 24.

The company was upfront about the cause of the delays. "[The] slip [is] due to number of outstanding blocker [bugs] in several areas," the minutes read.

In the meantime, the release of Firefox -- the next security update for the current production version of the browser -- has been moved up to the first week of September. "Due to Firefox 2.0 slip, we have decided to shorten the release cycle to get it out before we reach release time for 2.0," Mozilla said.

By Gregg Keizer, TechWeb Technology News

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Microsoft patch can cause IE trouble

Microsoft's security update from Aug. 8 to Internet Explorer is causing browser trouble for some systems.

After people apply the MS06-042 update, rated "critical" by Microsoft, IE may crash when certain Web sites are viewed, the company said in a notice on its customer support Web site. The problem affects IE 6 with Service Pack 1 on Windows XP and Windows 2000 systems, it said.

"Microsoft has identified an issue with the security update MS06-042," the company said in a statement Tuesday. It plans to re-release the bulletin and patch on Aug. 22 for all affected users.

The problem occurs when IE users view Web sites that use version 1.1 of HTTP alongside compression, according to Microsoft's notice. HTTP, or hypertext transfer protocol, is the standard protocol used to browse Web sites.

IE users on security mailing lists have reported browser crashes when using PeopleSoft applications that have Web-based interfaces. Others report running into problems when using other applications, including Microsoft's own customer relationship management, or CRM, tools.

"We are running PeopleSoft for administration systems, and our Windows 2000 SP4 and Windows XP SP1 running Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 crash when they got into the PeopleSoft pages," Fred Dunn, a systems administrator at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, said in an e-mail interview.

Dunn called Microsoft's product support service, which recommended disabling the use of HTTP 1.1 in IE's advanced settings menu. However, that's not a change that's easily done on all PCs in the university, Dunn said. "Our only workaround was to get the PeopleSoft programmers to turn off compression...which slows down the response," he said.

MS06-042 is an update for IE that addresses eight vulnerabilities in the popular browser. It is one of a dozen security updates that Microsoft released last week on Patch Tuesday.

Patches have caused trouble at times, on occasion prompting Microsoft to fix already released updates. In April, it released a second version of a Windows Explorer update because the original interfered with Hewlett-Packard software and Nvidia drivers. In June, it had to fix a patch that caused network connection trouble for some people.

Microsoft has a temporary fix available for the problems caused by MS06-042. However, this fix is not available for download; people have to call Microsoft's support line.


Google Buys Company to Boost Photo Management

Google plans to strengthen its Picasa photo management software and service with the acquisition of Neven Vision, a Santa Monica, California, company specializing in mobile photo search.

Adrian Graham, Picasa product manager, announced the deal in an official Google blog posting today, saying that Neven Vision brings expertise on automatically obtaining information from a photo.

"It could be as simple as detecting whether or not a photo contains a person, or, one day, as complex as recognizing people, places, and objects. This technology just may make it a lot easier for you to organize and find the photos you care about," Graham wrote.

Image Recognition

A spokeswoman for Neven Vision confirmed the acquisition has been finalized, but declined to provide details about the deal. Google didn't immediately reply to a request for comment.

Neven Vision, which also has offices in Japan, Germany, and the U.K., has developed a suite of image-recognition and facial-analysis tools for mobile devices, according to the company's Web site, which has since been shut down. The tools can be used for marketing, e-commerce, search, security and biometric verification purposes.

Google recently retooled its Picasa photo management software, giving users the ability to publish albums to the Web and share them with other people, making Picasa more competitive with rival service Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo and is considered a pioneer in online photo sharing.


A better way to organize photos?

It's not always easy to search through your personal photos, and it's certainly a lot harder than searching the web. Unless you take the time to label and organize all your pictures (and I'll freely admit that I don't), chances are it can be pretty hard to find that photo you just know is hidden somewhere deep inside your computer.

We've been working to make Picasa (Google's free photo-organizing software) even better when it comes to searching for your own photos—to make finding them be as easy as finding stuff on the web. Luckily we've found some people who share this goal, and are excited that the Neven Vision team is now part of Google.

Neven Vision comes to Google with deep technology and expertise around automatically extracting information from a photo. It could be as simple as detecting whether or not a photo contains a person, or, one day, as complex as recognizing people, places, and objects. This technology just may make it a lot easier for you to organize and find the photos you care about. We don't have any specific features to show off today, but we're looking forward to having more to share with you soon.


Free Video Player for every OS - Awesome

I was search an alternative for Quicktime 7 because it ate up all my memory resource and it was playing in frames, about 15-20 frames per second and that's quite low for a .mov file on my hard disk.

After searching an hour I just found this video player, it is called VLC and it is awesome, because it plays almost any video/audio format without installing additional codecs !!!

VLC (initially VideoLAN Client) is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, ...) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.
  • It supports a large number of multimedia formats, without the need for additional codecs
  • It is available for almost every OS
  • It needs little CPU power
  • It plays almost any video/audio
  • It is the best replacement of quicktime, media player, BS player and so on

Download here

VLC website

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Picasa 2.0 by Google - The Photo Organizer

It's not just free. It's better than ever. This past summer, the ever-expanding Google empire acquired Picasa, one of PC Magazine's favorite photo-management tools, and a week later, in keeping with its usual business strategy, the company quit charging for the application. Now, for the first time since the acquisition, Google has released a new version, Picasa 2.0, and we like it even more than before.

Organize your pictures. Get Google's photo software.

With this release, Picasa is even easier to use for organizing, editing, and sharing your digital photos. Without leaving the application, you can now move photos across your Microsoft Windows file tree, add captions to your pictures, pan and zoom, and use 12 new lighting and color effects. You can also save photos to an external drive, burn them to a disc, or upload them to popular photo-sharing Web sites. And that's just for starters.

When you install the app, it immediately scans your system for photos and collects them into a single library. By default, Picasa scans your entire hard drive, but if your system is particularly cluttered, you might opt for a scan of just your Windows desktop, your My Documents folder, and your My Pictures folder. The app collects not only JPEGs and GIFs, but all sorts of other image formats—even video files.

With past versions of the app, this photo library acted independently of your Windows file tree, but now the two dovetail quite nicely. One section of the library, dubbed Folders On Disk, shows how your photos are organized within Windows, and you can easily move photos from folder to folder.

You can still organize photos into virtual albums or "labels" that don't correspond to your Windows file system, and you retain the ability to use the same photo across multiple albums. Picasa's nifty Timeline still lets you instantaneously scroll through a chronological catalog of your photos. If you aren't already using a photo manager with such a timeline interface—Adobe Photoshop Album also offers one—you might try Picasa for this feature alone. It may be the best way to browse large numbers of photos.

As you organize your pictures, Picasa also lets you change filenames, key in captions, and add ratings to your favorites. Then, as time goes on, you can easily track down old photos with the app's improved search tool, which lets you locate files by keywords, ratings, and dates.

The real news, however, is the long list of photo-editing tools available with Picasa 2.0. You can instantly adjust highlights, shadows, fill lights, and color temperature. You can add all sorts of effects, including sepia, black and white, and soft focus. You can crop, straighten, remove red-eye, and more. And if you don't like an edit, you can reverse it with no more than the click of a mouse.

Picasa even provides new ways to share your photos. In addition to sending pics via your local e-mail client or Picasa's built-in client, you can now send images via Google's new Web-based e-mail service, Gmail. You can also easily upload pictures to popular photo-sharing sites, including Shutterfly and Ofoto, or burn photos onto CD or DVD. Plus, the app still integrates with Picasa's photo-sharing client, Hello, which works a lot like instant messenging software, and you can still upload pics to Google's popular blogging tool, Blogger.

Unlike Adobe Photoshop Album, Picasa doesn't offer dedicated tools for transferring photos to handheld devices, cell phones, and digital video recorders. But this is a minor quibble. With its latest release, Picasa stands toe to toe with Photoshop Album, and unlike ACDSee, it's intuitive enough for even the greenest of computer newbies. Novices may be intimidated by the breadth of tools on offer, but when they get over that hump, the app is wonderfully easy to use. Once again, Google's done it right.

Firefox 1.5 - The Best Web Browser

After trying every web browser I have to say that this one is the greatest. A few things why I love it. It doesn't lets the viruses to infect your computer, under ActiveX controls, it has tabbed browsing so it doesn't eats up all your memory usage, has a good toolbar and the most important thing is, that Firefox is the fastest online browser on the internet and it is absolutely free.

Get Firefox with Google Toolbar for better browsing

Here is a more detailed description about Firefox

The award-winning, free Web browser is better than ever. Browse the Web with confidence - Firefox protects you from viruses, spyware and pop-ups. Enjoy improvements to performance, ease of use and privacy. It's easy to import your favorites and settings and get started.

Facts about Firefox:

1. The Mozilla Firefox browser is amazingly lean. At just over 4.9MB to download and install, Firefox does not suffer from being overweight (unlike Microsoft IE6 at 80MB). The 4.9MB Firefox install does not include plug-ins like Java Virtual Machine, Flash Player, Quicktime and Shockwave, but those features can be added through 30 minutes of user effort.

2. Firefox supports plenty of user shortcuts and keystrokes. Both novices and power users will like the helpful little perks like “Type Ahead”, CTRL-enter to complete URLs, and CTRL-T to launch new tabs. In many ways, it feels like Microsoft IE, and IE users will find it easy to switch to Firefox.

3. Integrated pop-up blocking! Yes, Firefox will shut down those pesky advertisements for you. No need to install 3rd party software…just set your Firefox options in your Tools menu to prevent pop-ups.

4. Power User Feature: Firefox can prevent annoying Javascript code from hiding your status bar, resizing or moving your window.

5. Larger viewing area than IE. With smaller toolbars, Firefox can fit nearly 10% more surface area onto your monitor.

6. Nifty bookmarking features for researchers! It is possible to bookmark and folder-organize multiple tabs at once.

Wake up when my alarm clock goes off ?

This is one of the hardest things ever in my life :) One of the major problems are that I never go to bed when I should.. for example I should sleep after 11-12PM but I go to bad at 2-3AM sometimes I’m playing all night and sleep after 8-9AM.. when others wake up I go to sleep :) very bad habbit of mine..

Ocassionaly I just wake up without alarm clock or anybody to wake me up..this is very strange, when I have something important to do the next day, I never wake up in time.. but if I don’t have anything to do for next day I just wake up too early.. strange :)

I recommend to sleep before 12PM, because that time ex: 11PM-07AM is the best to sleep, relax, regenerater yourself. Just try it out, how do you feel if you sleep like that and if you sleep from morning till night.

I know this from my grandmother, she always repeated this..everyday.. but now I know that she is right, try everybody, sleeping 8 hours is a must, to wake up and to your job properly the next day.

The greatest creation of God - Honesty

I`ve seen many many people lying all day, different stuff for one and different for another…but in the end they just can’t remember.. “What did I tell him? What to lie now ?”

In my opinion this sucks a lot, I was and will be forever honest, no matter what do people think about.. I`ve lost many many many friends bsecause I was honet, and I told the truth them.. but keep something in mind.. if you are honest, and somebody will like you, (even love) than you can say that you have the greatest friend on earth..

There was a time when I had 50 “friends”..after a year, the number decreased to “one” and I`m happier with one real friend then with 49lier… and in addition, if you don’t lie, you won’t disturb your conscience..

You can live lying all day and probable its easier, but if you get caught one day, you’re life turns dead..

Can you trust a lier?
Do you want others to trust you?

Be honest..forever..

One of the bests website stats tracker - Google Analytics

Let me show you my favourite stats tracker, it's cool, free and simply the best! Read on to learn its features and install guide.

Google Analytics offers a host of compelling features and benefits for everyone from senior executives and advertising and marketing professionals to site owners and content developers.

Google Analytics helps you find out what keywords attract your most desirable
prospects, what advertising copy pulled the most responses, and what landing pages and content make the most money for you.

How to install Google Analytics to your website

Simply paste the Google Analytics tracking code into each of your website pages and tracking begins immediately. No purchase process. No need to download anything. If you don't edit your own site, your webmaster, designer, or hosting provider can probably do it for you in under five minutes.

It's really that simple

Major benefits

Spend on marketing, not on web analytics.

Sophisticated Analytics.
Google Analytics has all the features you'd expect from a high-end analytics offering. It also provides tightly integrated AdWords support, so you can view AdWords ROI metrics without having to import cost data or add keyword tracking codes.

Easy to use.
Google Analytics is easy to use for novice marketers, while delivering all of the capabilities that experienced web analytics professionals expect.

Scalable for any size site.
Google Analytics is a hosted service that runs on the same servers that power Google. From large, high-traffic corporate sites to small sites, Google Analytics delivers consistent service.

Integrated with AdWords.
If you have an AdWords account, you can use Google Analytics directly from the AdWords interface. Google Analytics also calculates ROI metrics from automatically imported cost and keyword tracking data, saving you time.

Tracks all campaigns.
Google Analytics tracks all online campaigns, from emails to keywords, regardless of search engine or referral source.

Google takes the trust people place in us very seriously, and is pledged to safeguard the privacy of your corporate data. We understand that web analytics data is sensitive information, so we accord it the ironclad protection it deserves. Read our industry leading